Made by Jen Kelly

Hello. My name is Jen, and I live in the Hudson Valley, in New York. I love making things. My background is in painting, drawing and photography, but for a while now I have also been fixated on objects that are somewhere between art and home decor. I can’t stop making mobiles, and I firmly believe that they should be hung in every house. Babies love ‘em, kids love ‘em… grownups shouldn’t forget that it’s a treat to sit back and stare at something that might have you thinking about movement, balance, color, light. Helps clear your head.

I also have a fascination with stained glass, in particular using the lines between the glass as a positive space. I try to bring a more modern approach and hand-hewn aesthetic to a medium that can be a little, well, stodgy.

I hope that all my pieces have a little bit of humor, a little elegance, a little sorrow and a lot of gladness. Please check in now and then for more work and things for sale. I am also always open to commissioned work.  Get in touch if you have any questions!